Do I need a Personal Injury Lawyer in New York ?


An accident with serious physical injuries can change your life, which would affect your ability to work, take care of yourself and live independently.

As per the NYS, laws it is mandatory for property owners to insure their buildings and their surroundings. This applies to residential and commercial structures. If a person is injured while on the property or inside the building, the owner may be liable for damages and losses caused as a result of defects, lack of maintenance or other dangerous conditions that exist in the vicinity.

With a team of experienced attorneys who handle property / property liability actions, the experienced accident injury attorneys are here to help you seek the compensation you deserve by right for your injuries and losses. Our Personal Injury law firm - caraccidentattorneys is available to offer you a free and totally confidential evaluation of your case.

Your injury lawyers should be able to visit Hospital and should be willing to visit your home in case you are not in a position to visit law firm office.

Five Boroughs of NYC includes:

  1. Manhattan
  2. Brooklyn
  3. Bronx
  4. Queens
  5. Long Island


Q. Common questions to liability claims in personal injury cases

Injury attorneys routinely receive questions regarding injury claims involving the property liability law. Building accidents can lead to many different types of injuries, including broken bones, neck and spinal cord injuries, electrocution, burns, head injuries and more. A small portion of these accidents end in a fatality.

Many are familiar with the laws on property liability and personal injury cases, so our legal team has compiled information on some of the most common questions we receive on this subject. Do consult your lawyer for a free legal consultation.

Q. Do New York Accident lawyers serve entire NYC ?

New York injury lawyers sometimes represent clients in entire NYC. Your attorney in Brooklyn could represent client in Bronx, Queens, Long Island and Manhattan. 

New York Personal Injury Lawyer - Hi5Lawyers

Q.Where do building accidents happen? 

These injuries can take place inside a store, office or other commercial building. Claims for property liability can also arise in a residential structure, such as an apartment building or other structure with rental rooms. In these cases, the owner of the property is required to maintain certain areas of the property. Any maintenance or repairs that are performed within a rental property must be carried out in a safe, not negligent, manner.

The owners must maintain the property (the building and the surrounding land) in an adequate and safe condition. If the owner of the property is negligent in terms of repairs and maintenance, he may be liable for damages or losses arising as a result of his negligence. In particular, the tenant — as in the case of a commercial property — may be responsible for the conditions within the structure (such as a wet floor, for example).

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